Asbestos is a very dangerous and life threatening material, which is made up of tiny microscopic natural minerals that are fibrous in structure, naturally fire and acid resistant. Asbestos cement is only considered hazardous when it is damaged in any way, when dealing with asbestos only a professional who is trained should deal with the repair or removal of asbestos.

Many years ago asbestos was used widely in applications across the domestic and industrial environments, it was used in things such as;

  • Roofing
  • Ceilings
  • Cements
  • Carpet underlay
  • Vehicle brake pads
  • Ironing board pads
  • Wall and floor tiles

Asbestos was also used in many other industries for building materials, fire proofing thermal and electrical insulation. Hundreds of factories and warehouses have asbestos roof, this is because of its strength and waterproof qualities. It is possible for asbestos roofs to be repaired, but repairing one panel could easily damage those around it.

Asbestos comes in two main forms and each has its own characteristics, these are;

  • Serpentine - is like man-made wool in appearance and is divided into curly wavy fibres, which show little resistance of being bent or curled.
  • Amphibole - is like man-made fiberglass needles that show great resistance to being bent or curled.

Both Serpentine and Amphibole are made of impure magnesium silicate and are both exhibiting physical and chemical resistance to high temperatures and applied force. As well as these two forms, there are three main types of asbestos which are;

  • Chrysotile (Serpentine) - is the chief commercial asbestos today.
  • Amosite (Amphibole) - is used as an insulating material.
  • Crocidolite (Amphibole) - is used for making asbestos-cement products.

Asbestos is a potent carcinogen which is a cancer causing substance and is known to cause asbestosis, oesophagus and cancers of the lung. Diseases which are caused by asbestos usually take a period of about ten to forty years before they show any symptoms. This is apparent today with people who worked with asbestos and other materials in the 1970's are now realising they are developing cancer at alarming rates.

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